Finance your EV

for less.

Electric vehicles aren't just better cars, they're better for your wallet.


Traditional auto lenders don't get it.
We do.
Our financing is built exclusively for electric vehicles.
Software upgrades and lower maintenance costs mean electric vehicles hold their value better over time.
Keep cash in your pocket
Reduce your monthly payment by hundreds of dollars by deferring up to 25% of your loan. Whether it's at the end of the loan or after you get your tax credit, you choose when you pay it back.
Spend less on interest
Our loans are 0.25% cheaper than banks or Tesla’s financing partners because we work with mission-aligned partners who care about accelerating EV adoption.
Avoid the hassle
Our digital-only platform lets you pre-qualify for a loan in minutes without ever leaving the couch.

Which financing plan is right for you?

Get a direct loanYou're buying a modern vehicle and want a modern loan.Apply for a loan
Refinance your EVYou already own a vehicle and want to pay less every month.Apply to refinance

EVs retain value better than gas cars but traditional lenders don’t pass those savings back to you

Tenet reimagined the loan experience for EVs so you no longer have to choose between the smart financial decision and the sustainable one.

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