The PINpoint Solution

PINpoint facilitates greater cooperation and coordination between key people in your organization, by ensuring that current contact lists and mission-critical information is always and automatically available on their BlackBerry devices. PINpoint provides this assurance…
Regardless of email network or power failures!

PINpoint Contact List on a BlackBerry Bold

PINpoint automatically collects and re-distributes the most up-to-date documents and contact information from your internal or external systems. This “pushed” data is then automatically stored in your BlackBerry’s memory, and made available for any purpose where fail-safe mobile info is critical.

So, whether you’re running special events, or disaster recoverydrills, or especcially when managing the enormous challenges ofbusiness continuity plansmedia relations or a full-blown corporate crisis – by provisioning critical info when and where your users need it most, PINpoint will help carry the day, even if your systems falter or go down entirely.