Since our inception in 1984, our mission at Tenet has been to work as our Customers’ Technology Partner. Our aim has always been to be more than just a supplier of I.T. products and services, by serving also as a trusted advisor and acting as a buffer between our Customers and the vagaries of technology and its supply chain.

Tenet’s eFusion system, a free valued-add to our business relationship, represents the embodiment of this mission, and furthers our role as your go-to partner for Information Technology requirements.

Being in the I.T. business, leveraging technology to facilitate interaction with our Customers has always been a priority at Tenet. As such, we were using email (over 4 different gateways!) since the 80’s, long before the Internet became the ubiquitous system it is today. In the mid 90’s we started publishing static information such as price lists and rollout schedules. In the late 90’s we established our first web store and opened up some of our internal systems for read-only access to selected Customers. A popular example of this last category is our TimeTrak system, which we use for Professional Services project tracking and time billing.

Initially launched in 2004, eFusion is Tenet’s most significant effort to work more closely with our Customers, by taking advantage of the latest advances in technology and a major investment in our back-end systems.

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