Business Philosophy

We understand your organization faces mounting challenges on several fronts. Rising customer expectations and fierce global competition create the need to do more with less, to fully utilize your resources and to implement creative approaches. Information Technology provides the way for your organization to improve its business processes and to increase the yield of its most important resources: people and information.

It is in this environment that Information Technology departments are charged with the challenge of applying new technologies efficiently and effectively, on time and within budget. Yet technological change is unrelenting and will only continue to accelerate, offering a seemingly endless proliferation of standards, and a bewildering array of hardware and software combinations. I.T. was never an easy field, but now limited staffing and resources make it even more difficult to go it alone.

Philosophy IOM
Philosophy ITIL
Tenet Computer Group, is ideally positioned to serve as your Information Technology Partner, to assist you in sorting through the marketing hype, to make the right choices, to implement them properly, and to maintain them operational. We understand, and strive to enhance, the value that IT and IT groups provide to their organizations, and we’ll support your evolution along the maturity continuum.

From an operational perspective, Tenet also supports and encourages the implementation of ITSMF best practices for IT Service Management, and we have adapted our internal operations to align ourselves with Customer’s efforts to implement ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). In fact, Tenet’s eFusion Customer Portal was developed from the ground up around the ITIL framework.Tenet’s positioning when working with our Customers, using an ITIL perspective, is summarized in the attached diagram.

Founded in 1984, Tenet has assembled the expertise and experience that you require. The commitment to serve our Customers for years to come has kept us at the forefront of technology, constantly looking for innovative yet reliable solutions. Our status as an Authorized Partner for all relevant manufacturers gives us in-depth product knowledge and industry contacts. Our Technical Services group tells us what works well and what doesn’t. Our Technology group keeps an eye on industry trends and provides direction to sort out the real from the imaginary. And our primary allegiance is always to our Customer.
We invite you to consider Tenet Computer Group to be Your Technology Partner.