Tenet Computer Group Inc., a privately-held Ontario Corporation, was incorporated on June 15, 1984 to provide sales and service of microcomputer products.

From its inception, Tenet has been involved in the sale, installation and support of PC-related products, always providing a high level of service to a limited number of loyal customers. In our industry, Tenet is classified as a Value-Added Reseller and Solutions Provider.

Tenet’s involvement in networking dates back to 1984, when we started connecting IBM PC’s using the then obscure Novell NetWare v 4.54 and 3Com EtherSeries v1.0. NetWare evolved to become the dominant network operating system in the industry, and EtherSeries became Windows NT.

Throughout the years, the Information Technology industry has changed substantially, and Tenet has evolved and grown with it. Some of the changes we have witnessed or been a part of include:

  • The tidal shift from mainframes and minicomputers to PC networks and client/server systems, and most recently to Web Services
  • The certification trend, started by Novell in 1985
  • The deflation and demise of sure-bet technologies and products, including CP/M, Videotron, Token Ring, Xenix, LanMan, OS/2, Banyan Vines
  • The retreat of formidable competitors like ComputerLand, IBM Business Centres, Crowntek, Red Electronics, BusinessLand
  • The rise and fall of major vendors such as Corvus, Everex, Hayes, AST; and the consolidation of the IT industry as it has matured
  • The meteoric rise of the Internet and TCP/IP
  • The rise of Windows NT, when Microsoft finally got it right
  • The boom and bust of the dotCom phenomenom
  • The commoditization of technologies and products that once were the domain of scientists and experts
  • The  questioning of IT’s value after Y2K, and the soulsearching to redefine IT’s role in organizations
  • The pendulum swings of the supply chain, between direct and channel-assisted.

We have also been early adopters of trends before they became mainstream. PC LANs in 1984, email in 1986, Unix in 1987, Groupware in 1988, RF wireless WANs in 1992, Internet/Web in 1995, unbundled services in 1996, standardized desktop deployments in 1997, wireless mobility in 2002, and so on.

There were many chances to make mistakes but, by design or default, Tenet managed to make the right choices or quickly correct its course and prosper. Of course, we like to think it was by design, careful planning, and flawless execution. But in fact the key ingredient has simply been the ability to identify changes and adapt.

In the last 30 years, our business has faced major changes in technology, supply chain and Customer expectations, and we fully expect these changes to continue and likely accelerate. We look forward to meeting these challenges and continue prospering thanks to the initiative, flexibility and commitment of our employees and the loyalty of our Customers.